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The Jesus Magnet 

What we are all about

The Jesus Magnet is a podcast that allows anyone to share their testimony and be heard world-wide. This is a powerful weapon for the kingdom of God. There is nothing more powerful than what God has changed, resurrected, and re-born through you! 

The Christian testimony is powerful, effective and shows the fruit of our faith in God and the faithfulness of Christ.

Matthew 5:15, CSB: No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, but rather on a lampstand, and it gives light for all who are in the house.


We are called to be the light and to share the light with everyone we know! Our podcast brings that to the next level and shines your light around the world! It is more than world-wide but also timeless.
Imagine your great great grandchild choosing Jesus from hearing your story. Only God knows how many will be changed and choose Him from hearing what He has done in our short lives.

The Jesus Magnet clothing journey was started by Joel and Laura Hillary. It was inspired by the people they met on the road of their first tour, gathering Christian testimonies in New Zealand for The Jesus Magnet Podcast.

Help us stand strong in faith with the mission to get testimonies heard to the masses. 

By purchasing Jesus Magnet clothing or by becoming a coffee club member you join in the mission of helping Joel and Laura fund The Jesus Magnet.

Your story could be the key to unlock someone's prison!

Only God can turn 

A mess into a Message

A trial in to Triumph 

A victim into a Victory

and A test into a Testimony




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